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This is a much belated thank you, but since everyone who meets me expresses astonishment at how great I am doing, I decided it was time to thank those responsible. I was operated on February 3rd left and rehab on March 4th. Special thanks to Jahairo, O.T., who urged me to do what I was certain I could NOT do: put on socks, shoes, etc. Nurses: Percy, John and Dolly – whose caring ways were so comforting. And also Lucianna who really made me feel cared for. The physical therapists saw to it I did exercises, etc. Correctly and reassured me I could do it. Unfortunately I can not remember everyone’s names, but I really feel my complete recovery is due to the care and attention I received from all of the above – and more…

— “Betty” Mary Elizabeth Jost

I would like to congratulate you on your rehabilitation establishment. The PT and OT are first rate. They have accomplished miracles with me, (am elderly lady, 76 years old, soft as a marshmallow and very weak). Dr. Smith, the head of orthopedics at Tufts Medical Center was pleasantly surprised how strong I am now. On June 26 he operated and replaced my right knee. My odyssey started on the last day of March and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A big part of my light is a bright smile, sparkling eyes and a very good heart. There is always a good word, a pat, a hug that raises one’s spirits. Many a time I have seen her give her attention to the most difficult patients; helping with the food, extending a hand in friendship, consoling. She really loves her job. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Even her name “Dolly,” fits her perfectly. Everyone understands kindness, even though she may not understand the patient’s mother language, most of the patients want her to care for them. I would like to recognize Dolly as a “most valuable employee. Thank you!

— Rena G.

Thank you all for your help and care for Amy and for not giving up on her. You and your staff have been nothing short of miraculously wonderful!

— Hines Family

Hello, I am the son of Selva Patiño that just passed away the 24 April. I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to all the people involved in taking care of her and somehow of me when I visited for three weeks in April . May God bless you and give according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ the knowledge and understanding of who He is. Again thank you so much and God bless you all.

— Mauricio A. Salazar Patino